is a culmination of happenings that span my life, all begging to be put together in one place, that has been the inspiration for this Ghost Mama project. Like putting together the pieces of a puzzle, perhaps in some way bringing a closer understanding to what lies ahead for all of us. The photos and stories shared here are real accounts of my own or of those close to me. What you will experience here will be yours to interpret and conclude. This is not a place for false or altered evidence which I believe to be a discredit to the paranormal community and much more importantly a great disrespect to those who have passed, who by whatever power, try and do communicate with us. With a degree in Psychology I have interests in the amazing capabilities of the human spirit and the powers we all have in us. It is my hope to in some way contribute to the field of paranormal research. I know what I know to be true and those truths have been validated in the most amazing ways. We are all made up of energy and in my experience I have come face to face with energies beyond this life. Hopefully you will leave here with at least the curiosity to be more open to the possibility that coincidence is not always the explanation. For me, there is no question to what exists.





Bear with us as we build